Forgive me Choco Edith seekers - Double Trouble!

  1. YE who recall my woes with Chucky can forgive me my excess (and for not watermarking yet!) but I ordered a chocolate Edith, and when given the chance to get TWO I did. I wanted to have as much choice as online purchasing allows. :shame: OINK!

    So introducing DOUBLE CHOCO TWINS! They are quite different - not sure the pics capture it.

    Left - pebbled, super soft and squooshy Edith. My only concern is her scrumplage will fall out :oh:

    Right - smooth, uptight upright Edith. Sturdy gal with a striking presence - has a few more scars than the other.

    Do we have a preference? I may have screwed up by having too many choices! :lol:
  2. The bag on the left. Maybe the scrumpleyness will not should keep her and find out. :rolleyes:
  3. The one on the left! Go left! Take a left and keep the bag on the left!! She is my Edith's twin.

    Have you noticed that on some Edith's, the pocket is taller, like on your smooth? I prefer the shorter pocket.

    Please keep my Edith's twin sister, and maybe one day they will reunite and reminise about their makings at the factory! :biggrin:
  4. I like the one on the left too...she looks so shmooshy:yes: Has anyone reported their scrumples coming off?
  5. :lol: :lol: I should have set up a poll!

    Well I noticed pebbly Edith has one pebbled side panel and one really stiff, smooth side panel (on the left side w/most scrumples) so perhaps that stiff panel will help keep her UP! She's really really perty :love:
  6. Me too... lucky lefty!
  7. I think they are both beautiful. Its hard to pick!! I wish I could have ordered two to compare!
  8. tod, yes, Daisy reported some falling out of her whiskey, and my chamois is so soft it's not as wrinkly as before, but nicely squooshy to compensate!

    Roo, once you get the fever bad you'll probably keep ordering until you can't stand the bag anymore! :wacko: I must admit the smell of all these Ediths is intoxicating!

    But it's settled now that Whiskey Edith is heading back - choco definitely suits me better. So my avatar will be changing soon! Poor poor Seed of Chucky! :P
  9. Hmm, I personally like the one on the right better. I like thats it's upright, less squooshy.
  10. I like the one on the right!!!!!
  11. Aaaaah, the latecomers are balancing the scales! I DO like righty's 'presence' - her more triangular shape and strong back. Lefty is a bit meeker, and bows a bit when unstuffed.... Both are quite attractive IMO! This is not quite as easy as Chucky and Seed!

    PS - Righty does have a few marks on her that look like stitching impressions....

    BTW - does anyone recognize either one as their return???!!!
  12. I love squishy left!
    I myself am trying to squish my grey even tried to persuade DH to squish her, he was quite horrified!
  13. I like the left one- the leather looks so amazing!
  14. :lol: Was he horrified at the squishing, or just touching a handbag in general? :biggrin:
  15. The one on the left!! If the left is Roey's bag's twin,the right one is Chucky's second cousin....:ninja: