Forgive if I am a little bit shy its my 1st time you see!

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  1. no 18.JPG
  2. ooooo whats in the box!
  3. We love boxes :woohoo:
  4. :faint: oooh what is it, I wonder???
  5. :popcorn: :search:
  6. :tumbleweed::tumbleweed::tumbleweed:
  7. Waiting!! x
  8. Some more night owls like myself!
    no 19.JPG
  9. oooo two goodies!
  10. Do they match I wonder :shrugs:
  11. Oak Roxy .. & oak purse?
  12. ^^ I agree with oak roxy, not sure about the small box...
  13. oh la la!
  14. Have i left a polite amount of time before you see her undressed?:yahoo:
    no 24.JPG
  15. ooooh that is a gorgeous emmy!! congrats!
    cute doggy in avater to!!