Forget the Paris-Bombay. Go Straight for the Kelly??

  1. Hi ladies,

    Well, I've been thinking. I may just forget the Paris-Bombay bag for now, and go right for the Kelly. I figure if I'm going to spend 1/2 way to a kelly, then might as well wait a little bit and get the Kelly, right? Well anyway, what I really want is:

    28cm Chocolate Brown Box w/ Palladium Hardware.

    Now, does anyone know what I would pay for this new at store?

    I really would like to find out because then I think I will ask the SA I've dealt with to just try to find me one of those. Thanks for any input ladies!!
  2. Sounds reasonable to me!
  3. i think depending on if it's souple or rigide it would ~$6000.
  4. Sounds beautiful!!
  5. Chocolate! Box!!! Oh my....just beautiful and a GREAT decision IMO, Tracie. Do you want rigide or souple construction? LZ has a lovely Chocolate Box Kelly (not brand new but still gorgy) available on their web-site you might take a look at....
  6. ^^shopmom, I keep trying to find that but can't see it on their website (store). Can you give me a link? Thanks!! BTW, I wanted rigide but I guess I'm flexible on that.
  7. I support your decision! chocolate box with palladium hardware sounds absolutely lovely :heart: :heart:
  8. Then click on Bags, then Hermes and "go" and the Hermes section should pop up. You have to scroll down until you see it. It's a nice older model and you should just take a look for reference sake. It's in souple and 32cm so you can get an idea of what the souple construction in Box will look like.
  9. I Would get the Kelly first.:flowers: Chocolate box yummy:yes:
  10. LOL...way to enable girls!!! Go for a brown kelly Traci! Although I think you want the 28....this one's very nice!
  11. I agree with everyone here - the kelly is the way to go!
  12. OH MY GOD!!!! I just saw it!!!! Am I seeing right? It's 3750????? Is that right? Oh no, man I want this!!!! It's beautiful!!!! Okay, I gotta think now!
  13. hehehe, get it get it!! :supacool:
  14. the boyz, Pete or Mario and inquire about the bag. Ask whatever questions you have and go from there. They are the nicest people to work with and they will get right back to you as soon as they can....don't forget, this bag is a VINTAGE bag from 1978. I for one LOVE vintage bags but you need to make sure that you do too....