Forget the football...I've scored in the sales!

  1. iPad sleeve twinnies, love it!
  2. Lovely!!:yahoo:
  3. I think the keyring may have to grow on me. Was planning on attaching to one of my bags but because it is rose gold I don't think it matches with them as they are gold/other colours. Was toying with the pink one but went with plaster pink.
  4. Next up.

  5. They are both lovely Im loving all the pink reveals lately ;)

    I tried to get that key ring in the hot fuschia but seems ev wheres sold out ;-(
  6. I agree they are both beautiful (especially the iPad case :giggles: ) how come your not sure?!?
  7. Oh there's more :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous iPad cover and case :smile:
  9. * cover and KEYRING!!!
  10. I think Harriet clutch too!
  11. I don't know just me being a bit of a ditherer, and especially over the next one!
  12. Oooooh! SO exciting! :biggrin: And I looooove that iPad sleeve! I would so have splurged on one if I actually had an iPad. :p
  13. I think Steph bought the iPad to go with the case!! :lolots:
  14. Yep, your too good! Harriet clutch wallet in pebbled beige.