Forget the football...I've scored in the sales!

  1. ooo come on show
  2. iPad cover and a charm/keying?
  3. I'm keeping Schtum on the big one :love:

    Small one... Card holder?!
  4. bracelet?
  5. Keeping stum on big one but little one - credit card holder?
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    Its something small. A keyring maybe.
    The big one is an i pad cover in fuchsia.
  7. Ha ha snap!
  8. I'm here too! I don't have any guesses though, I'm not very familiar with the accessories...
  9. Me too - I'm keeping quiet on the big one too! I'm thinking keyring.....
  10. Keyring and Bracelet ???
  11. hurry.. hurry.. im watching both football and your reveal.
  12. Full marks and for some of you not far behind!
    Heart Rivet keyring in plaster pink and fuchsia iPad sleeve :smile:

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    I was 100% certain as well i think i know you all too well.;)
    Beautiful colour on the i pad.
  14. Woohoo!!! Beautiful pop of colour and the keyring is so super-cute! And fab new iPad too! You will love your iPad!
  15. Love them both why you not sure?