Forget the ban I think I am just going to give up handbags....

  1. After I get my x-mas bag from DH I am going cold turkey...I have decided that my addiction to handbags must end. That is right I am going to copmpletely give up buying new ones. I have a lot of classic styles so enough is enough. Better make sure my x-mas bag is a WOW bag...this is a great hobby but, too $$$$ for me and it never ends my lusts for newer more exciting bags so, I must give it up. I will peak in tpf to check out others goodies and congratulate them but, no more goodies for me. I guess I reached that point where I have enough cannot afford more and do not want more cc bills/debt. It is a good point to realize you have enough and need to stop.
  2. Good for you! It will be sad to not see you around as much, but it's for the better, for your well being. Let's hope you don't have a nasty relapse.

  3. I can still look just not buy...window shopping only!!!!
  4. Good luck to you! I find window shopping even more difficult!
  5. :nuts: Someone like me!!!!!! I too will not buy anymore bags....

    Honestly is a purse after all...I too have a good collection now and I truely feel that buying more is just wasteful....

    Since I started my collection much later than most of my friends and family...I have seen their mistakes....some were bad high end bags and then some did just keep collecting....they seemed down right bored and mindless after awhile of observing them buy one after another...I just shook my head at them....And many went out of style or they get bored with them, etc....

    So when I started my collection, I stuck to classic bags with classic patterns to last and match.....and want to truely enjoy them for a long time to come. You are doing the smart thing....:yes:
  6. Yeah, good luck with that. I tried the cold turkey thing and it just made it worse.
  7. Yes, the lust for new bags never ends. When I get one it isn't more than a day or two and I am looking for my next bag! It's really awful if you think about it!

    Good for you! Stay Strong!
  8. Good luck, it sounds like you're making the right decision for you. :yes:
  9. I understand, too. It was fun to collect, but after awhile there is a limit for most people. You know, apart from practical considerations like finances, I realized I had a problem when it was taking too long to figure out which purse to use for the day. Plus, I am really limited by space. I am going to stop because I would like a bigger apartment and here in NYC, that can be pretty pricey. It' s like paying a mortgage without a house. I will always love looking at handbags, though.
  10. I'm approaching my limit. I am already not going to buy any LV bags and have slowed down immensely wiith kate spade and Coach. I have too many bags as is already. Now it's time for me to enjoy using them.
  11. You're on the right track. I feel like I spend too much time and money on bags. I was just thinking that the 3 LV bags I've gotten since July is more than the leather couch I just bought!
  12. I know I really should too but I think it's a real addiction...I can't stop! It's not that I have much but considering my student income I really shouldn't be able to even afford one of them!

    Good luck gals!
  13. im almost there. im becoming a worst-poor-college-student. arghh
  14. Sometimes I will sell one to supplement a new one because it gets to the point where you are not using all of them and thats not fair to the bag.
    But I too am hoping to get something dazzling for Christmas and slow down for awhile. Plus there's always cute accessories - less costly!
  15. Wise decision!! Good luck with it!