Forget the $810 Dr Q Groovee, check out the $1200 one!

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  1. Come on now????????
  2. Is it real!?

    I know they're faking MbyMJ now. Particularly the latest lines
  3. that one looks fake to me least the tag and retail price are totally wrong. There's no way she could have bought that at looks like she put a Marc Jacobs tag on a MBMJ.
  4. Insanity.

    This is why we always have to do our homework before buying ANYTHING!

    It looks real to me surprisingly (esp. the zippers and lining), however upon second glance, the metal MbMJ Workwear plate looks somewhat iffy to me. The letter of the tag should be standing out, not embossed like it is in the auction.



    (Source: ebay)

    I think they put the tags on (albeit, the wrong tag and the fake tags!) just so people think it's new. I also don't believe MbMJ came out with a black Dr. Groovee?
  5. Yeah, the two tags look blatantly different. Now I am intrigued! Has MBMJ finally become mainstream counterfeit? Im going to do some research because I always felt comfortable buying MBMJ off of Ebay but this auction really has me thinking twice and with caution!

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  6. Ohh, we posted comparison pics at about the same time! Well, in any event, it is clear to see the differences!
  7. after scrutinizing the pictures, i have a feeling it's fake too. the font on the zipper does not look right, the engraving on the metal logo tag looks nothing like the one on my bag, and the handles are too long. aside from those details, it's a pretty good replica. the lining is correct. also, it's impossible for her boyfriend to have purchased this from bloomingdale's. the black was a barneys exclusive for one thing and it was a larger size retailing for $100 more. secondly, the black never came in the original groovee style. the resort release doesn't have the rings on the handles. here are pics for comparison:

    barneys exclusive groovee (fall 2007)

    new groovee (resort 2007)

    notice how the second bag does not have the rings hanging down from where the handles attaches to the bag? anyways, her story sounds made up. for it to have been plausible, her boyfriend would've had to buy it from barneys on top of the fact that the tag is a fake marc jacobs collection tag and not the black mbmj tag. i can't believe the groovee would even be faked!
  8. Interesting observation! I didn't even realized black was the new resort color!

    ^ GUNG, I agree! I always thought that buying MbMJ's were pretty safe! I guess they're starting to be more expensive now and people are just trying to rip off anything that can make them money!
  9. wow, nice observations tadpolenyc!
    i have to say, i didnt even pick up on the missing rings of the new resort Groovees and i own a Groovee in chocolate. D'oh! lol

    i thought MBMJ were safe from fakes and copies... but then again, i could see this coming. The Groovee is one hot bag not to be copied!
    One thing i did notice though was that the bolts on the workwear plates were a perfect hexagonal shape, whereas it should have a circle cap with a hexagonal side.... if that makes any sense x_x I only noticed that becoz that bolt came off my Groovee and i had to get it replaced with a regular circular one coz the guy said i'll NEVER find that exact same one :sad:

  10. Hey did you get that one from the Australian seller on Ebay?
  11. Wow... weird and scary if they're faking marc by marc bags en mass! :sad:
  12. the ebay auction does look slightly different from my dr. q. the $1200 price tag?? wth??
  13. wth... $1200?!! and for a fake?

    people are nuts.
  14. yes i did :yahoo:........... that one is authentic hehehe
    did i say thank you? i cant remember if i did... ^^" if i hadnt, please excuse me i think i may have gotten a bit caught up in the excitement but THAAAAANK YOU :biggrin: :heart: i loooove it *hugs it*