Forget about all of those mean LV SAs!

  1. What about the nice ones?
    from a caring smile to a VIP gift....people have to to get a great SA experience sometime!
  2. my SA is amazing! i'm going to visit her tonight!
  3. My SA is an absolute sweetheart...he was able to get me all my groom items (even though there was a limit when they first came out) and he is always pleasant....and even hugs me as he hands me the bags :smile:
  4. I had an amazing SA in the Hollywood store... She'd research things for me, give me item numbers on older pieces that I was researching. She'd send me birthday and Christmas cards... She was just a joy! I was so sad when I learned that she was leaving Cali to work in a boutique in Hawaii... Losing an excellent SA kinda leaves you in the dust...
  5. I am lucky too, to have a couple of SAs I really like. But it did take awhile to sift through the ones I didhn't like. Keep looking, ask for'll find the SA for you :smile:

    I sent my SAs edible arrangements for the holidays to show my appreciation.

  6. I think mine is rather nice too, although i mainly buy through the offical website, occasionally i visit the locate items she spends 30minutes(ish) on the phone sometimes and doesnt stop until she has! ..O and she always looks very happy to see me :yes:
  7. So funny this thread is here! I was just thinking about SAs today and how service varies greatly depending on where I am. I've dealt with mostly snotty SAs who for some reason think their job makes them better than me (totally not so!) But every now and again I will find a nice sweet SA who really is concerned about me finding the perfect LV. They are usually gay guys. LOL
  8. Was this a long time ago and if not, do you happen to know which boutique in Hawaii?
  9. When I came from vacations I found a personal Christmas card from my SA, wishing me a great time... It was a very pleasant surprise :flowers:

  10. You make me hungry..

    Yes, my SA is super sweet..I haven't really encounter rude SA but got ignored once when I only carry my speedy 25 :rolleyes: their book, it's the cheapest bag I
  11. My SA was so nice. LOVED him but he moved to Hermes =(
  12. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had truly great experiences with SAs at LV. LV at Bal Harbour is at the top of my list. The male SAs in that store were so polite, friendly, engaging and helpful. Next comes the LV at Macy's in NYC. That was my "go to" store when I lived in NY. My favorite SA in the world worked there, and he was absolutely wonderful. He always wrote thank you notes, and even took the time to call me when new things came in. But then he left. :sad: I tend to have very good luck with male SAs, and very bad luck with females.

    By the way, I love that Edible Arrangement. I sent those out to my priority contract clients for Christmas (adding granny smith apples dipped in chocolate. Yum!) They are the absolute perfect thank you gift! Mmmmm! Now I'm getting hungry for fresh fruit. LOL!
  13. Twinkle, what a great idea!!! Your SA is lucky to have such a thoughful customer!!!

    I think that most of the SAs at the Scottsdale Fashion Square boutique are very nice. I really haven't had a HORRIBLE experience with them yet.

    99% of the time, my expectations are exceeded when I go into their store :smile:
  14. I love most of the ones at my store..they're so nice!
  15. There's a store like this near me...never tried it though. Looks yum.

    All the SA's who have helped me out have been nice to me.