Forewarning, newbie question- hee! How often do..

  1. Black Citys and Firsts appear on eBay?

    I won an original Marc Jacobs Stella last week from a PF'er who turned me to looking into Balenciaga's, because I told her I really liked soft leather bags. So here I am! (and living vicariously through all you women, by the way ;) )

    I really really want my first Bbag to be a Black City (preferably Pre 2006) or First. (I eventually want both) I've read a lot on atelier.naff, and have looked through all the beautiful pics and read dozens upon dozens of threads over the past week. I also work in Burlingame, so on Friday I went to the Susan boutique to try on the bags..which really was the deciding factor if I should invest in a Bbag. (I've decided! hehe!)

    But to be honest, the bags I looked at over at Susan's weren't all that soft. I was told that the leather on '05 bags were the smooshiest, and pretty much any bags pre-2006 are my best bet. But for those who own '06 bags, are they really soft too? If so, can I still find an '06 Black city at BAL NY or Aloha Rag..or do they only carry '07's now?

    Ok I just realized I asked several more questions than my initial, sorry! To elaborate more on my first question, how much do used Black Citys or Firsts go for on eBay, for the years prior to '06? (oh, and minus the Flat Brass, I know those go for a lot) and how often do they pop up? I'd be willing to wait around for it to pop up (unless it'll take like, a year! :sad: )

    Also side note, looking over the color swatches I've noticed that most of the colors I loved came from the '04 and '05 seasons, w/the exception of a couple others. Sigh...I might be waiting on eBay forever! lol!

    Thanks in advance ladies for reading this far, your responses to and welcomes to newbies are always so I know I'm dealing w/the best. Your input would be greatly appreciated! :heart: Hope you all had a great weekend! (watching the Oscars as we speak! hee!)
  2. HI!

    I would say they pop up quite at least twice a week? I dont think you'll have a problem finding an older one at a good price.

    I love Susan's! They always have so many cutting edge designers there and lots of bbags. Niemans in SF and Susans in SF also have a good selection of bbags.

    Also, if you bought new, the bags would eventually soften up....the softness of the bag seems really individual to the bag...I recently saw a brand new white first at niemans that had the softest leather I have ever felt on a bag ever.....when I went there the next day it was sold...I think in previous seasons soft leather was a "sure thing" whereas now you have to look through a few bags to find the one with leather you like.....but there are plenty of preused ones from older seasons on ebay...I often find myself sitting on my hands from the temptation!

    Good luck!
  3. ^^ Thank you so much varsha624!! You're right..maybe I should've "touched" more than a few bags at Susan's, lol! I think I'll be using the bag everyday, so I'm sure mine would eventually get soft. I was going to go to Neiman's yesterday but got lazy and studied the Bal forum instead. hehe! Thanks for your input!
  4. blacks are basics, they pop up pretty often on ebay :smile:
  5. i have an 06 work in rouille and it's definitely smooshy and soft! i also have an 06 emerald day coming and it's veinier than the work.

    and finally, i have an 05 bubblegum day coming and the leather looks divine! i'll definitely let you know when i've received them! :smile:
  6. I have a 05 City that came to me pre-loved, and then leather is incredibly smooshy... The 06 I have is veiny, but I like it because I think it gives it character. Then, I just received my 07 Aquamarine, that the leather is thick and not quite as smooshy, but I definately think that after it gets some use, the leather will soften and be closer to the feel of the 05...

    So getting a pre-loved bag may help you to get one that has the leather softened up... There are definately some 07 bags out there that have some really thick, nice leather though!! ;) Black is a great choice that you should be able to find an incredible one - don't shy away from other years if you start liking colors too... Good luck deciding!

    (From one former MJ addict to another. :smile: Welcome to the ultimate addiction!)
  7. I see them often, just be really careful as there are many fake Black City's and Firsts on eBay. If you are uncertain in any way just post the link to the auction in the "Authenticate this" thread. Many members will be very happy to help.
  8. ^^ Thank you ladies :flowers:

    So now I'm on a misson..I sure hope I find an authentic Black City or First in good condition on this month. Woohoo, how exciting! Bags4bubbles, sigh..I thought I'd be an MJ addict forever, glad you understand! Hee!