Foreverfull/Neverfull with colored interior?

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  1. Someone mentioned a new bag with a colored interior that either resembles the neverfull or is slightly different...perhaps called the foreverfull? (It was in the SS 2010 comments thread). I'm in the market for a new handbag for my birthday at the end of the month, and I'm interested in this potential bag. Does anyone have any further details to share?

    Thank you!
  2. Me too ! I would love to have more info on it.
  3. Maybe you want to call Vuitton?
  4. the limited edition versions of the Neverfull (from the various vacationspots around the globe) have an interior color which corresponds to the outside color of the writing.
  5. I have also read about this, and am very interested. If you find any info, please post about it. It would be amazing to pick your own lining on a bag. Thanks.
  6. hey, i was the one who posted about the foreverfull. my SA found out bout this wen she went on business trip that all lv managers went on. she did say it was a single strap bag and you can pick the interior color, but thats all the info i got from her
  7. i would love to see a pic
  8. Oh how exciting!! One strap? Oooh, I like that! I'll have to ask my SA about this too! Thanks!
  9. Hi LuvlyLV...I noticed your Neverfull in your avatar...which size is that, the MM or PM?
  10. Hello!:smile: My NF is an MM. It's a great size. Are you thinking of getting one?
  11. I just talk to the LV Chat and Neverful mon mongram is coming later this fall. Then I called the store I buy from to get more info and the SA said you can even change the interior lining of the bag. Basically you will be able to match the color of the stripes with the interior. I am guesing this is the bag neverful/foreverful !

    OMG I am so messed up now and excited too. I wanted to go get the beaubourg MM messenger, but now having second thoughts ! I would love love to have Neverful Mon Monogram. God I wish I could get both !
  12. Can't wait to see this bag!
  13. OMG i already have a mono neverfull... :sad:

  14. That's exactly what I'm looking for! :yahoo:
    I've always wanted a personalized bag but the Speedy in Mono just doesn't appeal to me. If you can really choose the interior color that would be too great!
    Please keep us updated! :angel:

  15. I was told the same info from the store manager at the LV I shop at.

    I'm most excited about choosing your own interior color!!!