10% off $50+ orders today only (7/10)

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  1. thanks!
  2. whoa thanks! I was about to place a $250+ order from them! yay
  3. awesome! thanks Vinyl
  4. whoa they finally have a promo! thanks! :biggrin:
  5. thx!! just ordered a bunch of stuff for my florida trip next month!
  6. Careful, ladies! All sales are final when using this code. Or so it says...
  7. oh man, i should've read the fine print. well, i hope i like everything i ordered...we shall see *crossing fingers*
  8. thanks so much!
  9. all sales are final...and i ordered most a size up..cuz small are all out. they better fit
  10. Woot! I was just about to place an order, before I saw this promo!

  11. well I have once forgotten to bring my receipt (or so I thought, it was inside of the dress I was returning) so I went INTO a store and asked if I could have store credit or exchange and they said ok.

    the manager was ready to put her code when we found the receipt

    so u can do that if things don't fit or u wish u had gotten something else! better than letting $30 sit on the closet! with this economy I'd do it :smile: