1. Hey girls! Does it seem like forever when you are waiting for a bag that is being shipped?

    I orderd my 2 chanel bags almost 2 weeks ago, and the SA told me if I wait, I can get the ECG, so here I am still waiting for my dream bags.... They shipped today, so hopefully they will be here soon.:smile: :smile:

    When I pull up into my driveway I instantly look at my doorstep to see if there is a box there..haha. Even though I know it didn't ship yet! :nuts:

    I'm crazy!:nuts: :nuts:

    I'll post pics when they show, if someone can tell me how:smile:
  2. I can so relate haha... when I was waiting for my red jumbo, I checked the doorstep and driveway constantly... and kept looking out the window to see a delvery truck! :smile: Sorry I can't help with the pics... when I post pics here, I just put them on my photobucket account and paste the link!
  3. i so can relate too, u know how i was dying to get my original cabas :p
  4. lol! that's what i always do too!!!
    and every time there's someone knocking on my door, I always think that it is the Fedex guy.LOL!