Forever Tina Fringe, fit, comfort, etc :)

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  1. Does anyone have these boots, the forever tina fringe boots?

    And if so, how do you like them as far as fit and comfort goes?


  2. I was just checking these out at barneys this evening... Hubby was :wtf: while I tried them on... They felt like the alti botte, my feet slip forward because of the high heels, yet I would say go for your regular CL size for comfort or half size down to avoid the slipping forward..
  3. I think these boots are so hot, but they're definitely a statement piece that I just can't justify, even on sale. Maybe if they go down another couple hundred $. I'd love to see modeling pics of these - off to check the reference library now.....
  4. here you go ladies:

    several people have it including kamilla... i tried them on at barneys and although they were hot, i found them so high and hard to walk in! but then again, i can't do 120mm without platform... i think this has a little platform but not sure though... and it does look hot... i can imagine it with a mini-dress at the club! woohoo!!!
  5. #5 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    What would you wear them with? They're interesting, but can't think what they'd look best (as in classy) with. It's been bugging me for days.
  6. they're not really "classy" per se, fun is more a word i would describe them....

    the black would go with more than the purple, but i like the purple color better... you can wear them with mini skirts, minidresses, black leggings, skinny jeans, etc.
  7. I have a magenta pair of For Ever Tinas. I got them a month ago from Net-A-Porter when they were on sale. They are definately fun boots and be ready for lots and lots of compliments from more strangers than you care to talk to in a day. I browsed through website for some outfit ideas. I wish Spring were here so I could wear rock them casually with a jeanskirt and tank top.

    I went up a half a size because that was the only size available, I'm thinking my TTS would have been much better, but since these are loose around the ankle it's easy to wear cushioning socks in the boots. Walking in them is not hard at all, just about the same as VPs , C'est moi's and Decolletes.

    I have a picture in the refrence thread under boots, and somewhere in the "post your outfit" thread as well.

    hope this helps....go for it, they're really fun boots and once you have them on, you'll never want to take them off.
  8. I have tried these on and the toe vamp I really short but even with my big calfs they slipped off a bit ...
  9. I have these boots and although they are very uncomfortable and difficult to walk in, I love them. I believe they are 140mm so they feel very similar to the alti pump or declic 140, walking in them takes some practice because of the steep pitch. I recommend going true to size or 1/2 a size up. The one positive thing is that they fit my thick calves with plenty of room to spare.

    I've worn mine with leggings (they look amazing with liquid leggings from AA) and jeans. I don't really like the way they look with skirts/dresses because they are an awkward length on me, they come up about half way between my ankle/knee (I'm about 5'5"). They are very fun boots but definetly a trend, I honestly don't know if I will wear them for much longer. They look so good when you walk in them.
  10. An outfit pic:

  11. ^i think it's probably most flattering on tall, skinny people... but she really pulls it off well there...
  12. I tried them on in black at Holt Renfrew when they were on sale.
    Comfort: uhhh.... I dunno what to say since it was the LAST pair which I actually thought was DEFECTIVE. There are two pieces of leather that join together at the ball of the foot and these two pieces were overlapping in a really bumpy way. Since most of my weight will be in this area, I knew I'd probably get a huge blister here walking in them. However the OTHER shoe did NOT have this bump problem so THIS shoe was very comfortable.
    They were like... 500$ off, but I really did not like that bump in one shoe and plus it was a bit dirty (saw a LOT of scuffing), AND I prefer the purple color more, so I did not purchase them.
  13. This thread is making me want a pair, but I think my calves are too big for them to look good.
  14. Laureen, if they fit my calves, they gotta fit yours. I'm a long-time runner with calves that are shaped nicely (Iv'e been told) but simply do not fit most tall fashion boots, including CLs, because they are TOO BIG. But these slip on great! And they are hot! So far, I've tried them with leggings, long skirts and mini dresses. Definite "look at me" vibe, but ...oh well :biggrin:
  15. i think you would ROCK then laureen!