Forever Fendi Satchel-Gaudy or Way Cool??

  1. for me, definitely not
  2. Do you mean it is not your style?? Have you seen one up close??
  3. Its like a "fun" bag, go try it on IRL. I've seen bags in pictures and even IRL that I would never wear but then I've seen them on other people and they look gorgeous.
  4. Yeah, lots of things about it that aren't my style. I don't think it's very cute.
  5. Not for me, but if you think you might be interested only you'll know for sure once you check it out! I've loved bags online but when I saw them in real life I didn't like them and vice versa, so you never know. I think the metallic orange ruins it for me, but thats a color preference. If it didn't have orange and had another color I'd take it if it were a gift! But it wouldn't be at the top of my wishlist, but I don't hate it.
  6. You won't see me with that unfortunately. And what is that 'sheep-stuck-on-a-chef' on the left of it??! :wtf:
  7. Sorry, I do not like it at all, but then everyone taste is different if you like it get it.
  8. Love it, it's so cute

    my friend has one and she said the metallic orange gets silver pretty quick, so i don't think it's a good bag for everyday use.

    I have a fendi forever sequined borsa and because thats an evening type of bag i hardly ever use it, the metallic colors haven't silvered yet but the SA said i have to be extremely careful with it.
  9. Not my style...
  10. HaHa Sheep stuck on a chef... that cracked me up.
    I'm not into it either.
    But I do like the bubble leather shopper... mmm very nice.
  11. It's cute, but not for me. I would go for the bubbled leather shopper, but too expensive, i'd rather a spy.