Forever Fendi Satchel $294.60 @ NM

  1. orange patent......i can't justify that.:confused1:
  2. I've noticed for the past hour that it is available off and on which IMO means that someone is completing the checkout process and then later cancelling it. Am I wrong? If you think you might want it, I would recommend staying glued to your pc and refreshing the page every few seconds! Seriously...that's what I'm doing? This is madness.:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  3. I like the style but it's much too small for my taste. Also...not sure I could handle the orange patent.
  4. thanks for posting all of these wonderful deals - although i am so slow always missing good deals. just wondering, how did you find these bags? it seems to me there were not appearing on the sale section but you somehow manage to find them. :tup:
  5. They were on the sale page but gone almost immediately after I posted each one. I make certain before posting that the bag is available by putting it into my cart. Well...of course, that's no guarantee that NM won't cancel the order hours after you receive a confirmation.
  6. I love the orange, it is such a burst!