Forever Fendi--Anyone Have One?

  1. I am considering a Fendi as my next bag purchase. I really like the idea of the coated canvas--for it's easy to care for characteristics.

    The attached pictures are from the Nordstrom website. I like the clean design and the hardware.

    Does anyone have one of these Forever Fendi bags? How do they age? Do they lose their shape easily? Thanks in advance! :p
    fendi big mamma.jpg fendi satchel.jpg
  2. I dont have any of these styles. I do have other fendi bags and they are a nice quality. They hold there shape and age nicely. I think you should get it they look a lot nicer in person

  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399831999.869867.jpg

    My Fendi Forever Boston has been perfect since last year 😍