Forever an LV girl!

  1. Hi peeps! I've been branching out a bit lately...trying out Chanel and Bottega Veneta, but I must say, nothing has captured my heart the way Louis Vuitton does! With that said, I'm pretty sure I'm here to stay! I think sometimes you need to try out other things before you realize just how much you love something! I'm convinced that no matter what bags I have in the future, LV will always be my #1!!! Anyone else have this experience? And I'm so glad there's tPF to refuel my passion! You guys are the best! :woohoo:
  2. At heart.. always.

    But I have a dream (yes I do!).. I'll know I've really made it when I can walk into Hermes, not to look, but to order my dream bag ! :yes:

    Sorry LV, you are my first love, but you are not my end goal ! :shame:
  3. I agree! Although one of my end goals is an exotic LV (maybe).
  4. I will always be a LV gal... :heart:

    But I do want a few Hermes and Chanels eventually when I have enough money to afford it along with my LV buys.
  5. yep, ITA! Ah, Hermes...:love:
  6. When I first looked at high end designers, I loved Gucci. That quickly quickly changed when I discovered LV. LV forever!
  7. I'll always :heart: LV
  8. i used to love LV so much, but have branched off to Bottega and am now infatuated with Chanel!

    that being said, I always go into the LV boutique and really love the new mirior hearts! i'm thinking of getting the silver one as well as a red vernis one! i think LV has some really great designs ;)
  9. Well, LV bags were my first splurge after joining tPF so I have a special place in my heart for LV...

    But I shamelessly have no loyalty.
  10. I've always been an LV girl eventhough I've branched out many times before. Right now, I'm into Chanel, but I always go back to my LVs.
  11. I've branched out, too, but have come back! I'll always love LV! It is only getting better and better.

  12. You said it, Ayla!:tup::sweatdrop:
  13. Hermes and LV run neck and neck as the main objects of my affention, with Fendi and Chanel behind them and Gucci a distant fifth. In all, at this point in my life I don't think I'd be happy with any one brand- not even Hermes.
  14. Yes, I too, am a LV girl!!! I do have other designers, want a Chanel super bad but no matter what, I LOVE LV!!!!
  15. lv boy here but i like having different things. i love prada, (some and few gucci), etc.

    but easily 30% belongs to Louis vuitton. The other 70%? Ferraris, Lambos, Astons, Bentleys and Just CARRRRS!!! :smile: