Forever a Mel Brooks Fan...Such a sweet article

  1. Mel was awesome. Nice article.
  2. Touching article. Thanks for posting it. Makes me want to hug my Dad. :yes:

  3. Still IS gf!:p
  4. I love Mel Brooks.....he is the funniest person ever. And who can forget the campfire farting scene in Blazing Saddles? I've never laughed so hard!
  5. the article is sweet;)
  6. Nice article :biggrin: thanks for sharing :smile:
  7. That was an amazing article. It made me feel a little bit teary. Thanks for posting!!
  8. OH!! I too love Blazing Saddles! I think all of his movies are hysterical...

    He was married to Ethel for 44 years! Wowza!
    It about broke my heart when he tried to stop the driver from going through the tunnel...:crybaby: