Forever 21 top. Has anyone seen it? erggg

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am trying to find a really cute Forever 21 blouse that I saw in a mag and also on the F21 website (on those banners they always most above each dept)but I can't find it on the site inventory or at my local F21 stores (Mission Viejo Mall, or Irvine Spectrum in OC). Has anyone seen this top?

  2. I was just at my Forever 21 in Chicago, and I haven't seen it. I've found this problem before with Forever 21. They have great clothes in ads and mags and then it's impossible to track down! Hope you have better luck than I do!
  3. I was at the Forever 21 in downtown SF the other day and did not notice this top there. Good luck with your search!
  4. I went to the one in Los Angeles...I have not seen this top.
  5. thanks for the feedback ladies! At least I know I am not missing out. Maybe it will come out later? But I agree with Yester, F21 features all the cutest items in ADs and on their site but often dont include them in the site inventory and only distribute the piece to a handful of stores! Soooo frustrating :cursing: