Forever 21 Strikes Again

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  1. Okay - so one of my co-workers has the fake hudson from Forever21 - So I went on their website, about half their bags are very poor rip offs of MJ bags. Look at this fake patchwork carolyn!

    And then what looks like a rip off of the parker

    And maybe I'm crazy, but the blake?

    There are even more on there - I just had to come here to rant/vent!

  2. i know its awful... that last one looks more like a chloe bag to me.
  3. It's a weird mix.:hrmm:
  4. yeah, your right jess...the 3rd bag does look like a chloe bag!
  5. Forever 21 is always "inspired" by Marc Jacobs. They've even done bags that weren't popular. When MJ had the Ursula line out, I remember seeing bags in the style of the Ursula Bowler there. Their copies aren't very good though. The bags always look like plastic.
  6. ugh the kohls one is grim! :throwup::throwup:
  7. ^^And it's from the Daisy Fuentes line...:nogood:

    That first one really does try to look like the Carolyn! :yucky: The 3rd one looks more like the Chloe Bay bag to me too.

  8. They are all so gross looking. Cheapy & tacky, for sure.

  9. they may be cheap imitations but I'd rather see girls carrying these bags on their shoulders/arms than illegally produced countefeit bags with the designer's name & logo attached!

    if you don't give people alternatives, then they're going to buy the fake stuff - let someone buy the vinyl look-a-like from Forever 21 - wouldn't you rather they spend $30 on that, instead of $300 on a bag that comes a sweat shop??
  10. ^ i see your point, but i'm pretty sure these $30 bags came from a sweatshop too.
  11. Nasty!!
  12. forever 21 had a big lawsuit over workers conditions a few years back- i dont remember all the details, but i do know they were unsavory.