Forever 21 - Store & Web Sale


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  2. There's only a few things on sale online..
  3. ^was quite disappointed, too :sad:
  4. I've never seen an in-store sale @ F21, only the usual sale rack.
  5. only a few things are on sale:confused1:
  6. Forever 21 is so strange; they randomly have SALE signs infront of their store, but there isn't anything usually on sale. Or if it is it's the random damaged dirty shirts.
    The store here is HUGE and cluttered like crazy. I went to the Las Vegas 21 and it was super organized and nice. Crazy how they differ per city!
  7. Maybe its just a way to get us to shop or at least look at their site/stores.
    Personally, I was dissapointed too. I never shop at their stores because its ALWAYS a mess, online is much better.
  8. I went to the store a few days ago, and it actually had a really good sale section! I got a really cute shirt for $4, 2 jackets for $13 each, and a few sweaters for $6 each! There were some pretty good deals if you dug around!!
    just an fyi!
  9. I'll try to stop by tomorrow, thanks for the info. I do like F21., lol.
  10. ohhh there's so few sale items online!... they're just the usual ones.... awww!