Foresta Zucca

  1. anyone seen foresta zucca anywhere?? :crybaby: dun think this came to SG at all ...been searching for it everywhere to no avail..

    pls help ..thanks!
  2. If you find one, consider yourself VERY lucky!! There are a lot of us looking and none to be found it seems!
  3. sigh~ looks like a fruitless search :sad:
  4. but dont give up hope! :biggrin: i was lucky to get my foresta caramella :smile: which seem at the time fruitless to get :p i guess now the toki holy grail is now the foresta zucca :lol:
  5. i'm losing hope with each passing day..lolz
  6. oh :sad: really is hard to find!! trust me Ive waited months and months for the foresta caramella to come by lol ...and lookie!! qtiekiki found it for she found herself...a foresta zucca!! it was regular price but it was worth it to me..since ive waited for what seems to be forever!
  7. i hope my lucky star is shining on me ! hehe
  8. yeah i hope it rains foresta zuccas :lol:

    someone posted this in the vendor thread, they have what you are looking for but a) it's in japanese and b) i have no idea if they're a reputable company. I meant to find out myself as I want one as well, but alas, I haven't had time. So maybe this can be a last ditch hope for you!
  10. goodluck trying to buy it from Japan! Ive emailed several of them for foresta bags but all of them said they wont ship out of their country :sad: ...though one girl was lucky on LJ..she managed to get a playground ciaociao from who knows you might get lucky...unless you know someone :graucho:
  11. Wait! You got a Foresta Caramella? :confused1: When did that happen? Do you have a pic to share? :drool:
  12. I just email-ed the JP seller *keeps fingers crossed*
  13. well i used google to translate the site and it states that it doesnt ship out of its country :sad:

    "Delivery to foreign country
    The delivery to the foreign country has not gone.
    (Sorry and This service is only domestic.)"
  14. Aww, sorry vmasters. Maybe if you are persistent enough, they will ship out to you?