Foresta Zucca & Collection (first post)

  1. First off, thank you to the ladies who helped me authenticate this purse. I just started wandering around this forum and felt that since I've had so much enjoyment from all your post, I might as well make my own. This is my first tokidoki post in this forum so enjoy!

    My foresta zucca just came in the mail and i LOVE IT!!!! I bought it for only $150! and it's brand new with the plastic still around the qee with no scratches or stains. this is true :heart: :love:!

    my foresta denaro & zucca together.

    and attached are the pix of the rest of my collection as well as me modeling my new love.

    not too much but i'm working on it:
    3 tokidoki t-shirts
    lamore gioco
    OP w/ green hardware Campeggio
    tokidoki (8).jpg tokidoki (10).jpg tokidoki (11).jpg tokidoki (12).jpg tokidoki (13).jpg
  2. Cute collection so far!

    I wanted that peach top when I saw it awhile back, but I wasn't into it.. now I should have gotten it! haha and I LOVE the Little Rocker top! :heart: :heart:

    And the Foresta Zucca looks super nice! And IMO I think it's a great deal! For a second I thought it was with your denaro too :p. That would have been a huge steal~
  3. thanx. the foresta denaro i got for about $50? from Nordstrom. I was walking by the counter and could not believe it was on sale and had to snag it. The cute sasquatch is just *melts*.

    & the tokidoki peach shirt was a gift from my mom. she went to the east coast for business and brought that back for me as a souviner. i was in complete shock and love all at the same time. I dont get to wear it as often as i'd like though. The rocker top is my way of having the part of paradiso that i like the most. I couldnt commit to a paradiso bag when i saw them in the stores and now i regret it.
  4. dimple_butt where on earth did you score a Foresta Zucca for only $ 150.00 ? I paid $ 255.00 for my Foresta Gioco Hawaii re-release ! That is one great deal ! When did you purchase your Foresta Denaro ? I'm in the Bay Area as well welcome to the fold !
  5. i bought it from another livejournal user that was liquidating a lot of her purses and among the leather purses and other random lesportsac items was this beauty. Needless to say i almost cried and snagged it as fast as i could before anyone else could make an offer. Less than a week and here it is!

    The denaro, I bought about 8 monthes or so ago from Nordstrom at stonestown when all the foresta stuff was on sale. I drove all the way down to the downtown store to find a gioco and BV for only like $110!!! but they were both on charge holds for other customers already. You win some, you lose some. But this zucca is definitely a win!

    & congratz on your gioco!!! even though you may have paid a little bit more, at least you know it's new with tags with at least "some" limited print placement choice and you get the new adios keychain. I don't have any of those yet. =(
  6. Wow! you are very lucky to score such a beautiful zucca! It's got great placement! I am very jealous!!

    I paid $275.00 for my foresta zucca but I am happy that I got one!
    Love your collection!

  7. OMG awesome deal ! Congrats !

    And hey, is your LJ name also dimple_butt ? I remember someone having a great purse collection with the same user name (I think !).
  8. Dimple_butt did you buy your Zucca from the Tokidoki Forums on Live Journal or the regular purse forums . I'm just curious so that I'll know where to stalk for a deal just as good as yours !
  9. ayla : yup. my lj name is dimple_butt as well. Thank you for such a sweet compliment on my collection. A purse collection is never complete and it's always a work in progress! But after seeing all the wonderful collections here on the purse forum i can only hope to one day own half of what some of these ladies have.

    Tokidoki Momma : I got it from a personal journal selling post that was linked from the marcjacobs forum. DUMB PURE LUCK! aparently. she was selling a lot of lesportsac purses and in the lot was the foresta staring back at me. In such great unused condition with such great print placement, and a price less than retail! i would have been insane to say no.
  10. what an awesome deal!
    your foresta zucca is TDF!