foresta trenino- Seattle outlet

  1. I went to the Seattle outlet today and they had a foresta trenino in stock. I don't know how much it cost or if they had any others but there it was if anyone is interested!

    They had a very limited stock in general- a few paradiso, infernos, blancos, 2nd edition OP, etc.

    Good luck.
  2. Wow! Was that the only foresta piece they had?
  3. O__O oh my my foresta trenino.... O__O
  4. oh wow!! hehe it's probably been snatched up already :biggrin:
  5. has anyone called to see if it's still there? i'm tempted.
  6. I wish I had the money to.
  7. I haven't called. I'm seriously trying to curb my toki spending now. :push: