Foresta spotted in Nordstrom

  1. I bought a braccialetto Foresta today, it has the monkey in the front. It was on sale for 33 and I got another 20% off. Yippie!! I also got the Portatelefono citta rose for 30 dollars with all the discounts. luck!!

    Now I just need to decide what to keep from the ten bags I bought from Nordstrom. hard to decide!!! :p
  2. whoa...which Nordies is this??? what do they have left and were those general or personal discounts?
  3. It was Macys that was having the special 20% off today. Nordstrom honored it so I was able to buy a lot of the bags with 20% discount over there.

    Foresta and Citta rosa were both on sale already and the lady gave me additional 20%.

    This was in South coast Nordstrom.
  4. Congrats kokebon!! Yay for an extra 20% off!!
  5. i went to nordstrom today asking about the macy's 20% off..and she called the macy's n they said there wasn't any sale =( so i didn't get the 20% off...oh man how i want a citta rosa porta! i'm never able to get price adjustments!
  6. OMG WHEN'D THEY GET THOSE IN?! they didn't have anything last time I went there :sad: someone must have returned it yesterday lol... I was there Wednesday night :p

  7. Its only Macys at South Coast, Del Amo, Sherman Oaks and Palmspring.

  8. I think so, it was probably a return, but hey I love it so much. It has the monkey in the front. lol!!
  9. Bubblesung..they're selling citta rosa portas at century 21 for 50 and yu can get another 20% off til monday, maybe you can get someone to get it for you and ship it to you.
    Last I checked they had 2 with the superhero dude on it. I dunno if they still have it but they put out new stuff all the time.
  10. any foresta with monkies in the front?
  11. portas? not that I saw.. only citta/citta rosa and arancia...last I checked but they're supposed to have inferno and paradiso ones now...
  12. awww any nice new yorkers wanna me citta rosa porta for me?! lolz
  13. Oh citta & citta rosa portas!??!?! O__o
  14. Anyone know where to snag a Citta Rosa Zucca?
  15. there was someone selling on LJ but I'm not sure if it's gone already :p the zuccas go fast on there