Foresta sighting

  1. Hi! Went to Nordies today and saw two Foresta bags, 1 Dolce, and 1 Bella. Unfortunately they are not on sale. Both look like returns but when I picked them up they looked new. I was there a couple of hours before closing so they should still be there if you guys call in the morning.

    Northgate Nordstrom

    I hope someone here gets it. :yes:
  2. ooo! i wish i could :crybaby:

    someone grab those jewels!! :yes:
  3. where is northgate?
  4. Its in Seattle. :smile:
  5. ahhhhh i want the dolce!!!! darn its 12am over there right you know if they do chargesend ?? thanks
  6. Yes, they do charge send. :yes:
  7. Almost forgot to mention, in case someone wants it. They have a mama mia in paradiso. Also not on sale. :sad:
  8. But they price match and macys is having a sale again :yahoo:
  9. But macy's isn't putting the toki's on sale- I asked, but the SA's there are not all that reliable.
    What kind of sale did you hear about?
  10. I did a live chat with Nordies...and here is what they said to me :crybaby:

    "xyz: Is Guam part of the Islands or is it by itself? I am asking because it is not showing on my shipping list that we even ship to Guam anymore. xyz: I am sorry but we cannot do charge sends to Guam, I apologize. I had to check with a supervisor to make sure. "
  11. Awww, sorry about that Vmasterz! Maybe try talking to them again, cs are always different and some are nicer/smarter than others.
  12. well if the supervisor said no..i guess so? Laria is tryin to help me out :biggrin:
  13. FYI: There is a FOresta Bella at the SF Nordstroms as of last night at 8PM, I saw it last night, also a return. Also not on sale.

    I picked up a foresta dolce there. not on sale, but it had great print placement and I couldn't pass it up... :p
  14. Hazelnut, have you come across any Paradiso Mamma Mia in SF Nord?
  15. julicrystal - they only had a campeggio paradiso. everything else was pirata and adios. and maybe the solid prints. I also went to bloomies and they only had the current stuff too. your best bet might be calling the lesportsac outlet-- or are they sold out there too?