Foresta Re-release

  1. Ok so I keep reading they are going to re-release Foresta in 2008 and just in Hawaii. I read on another thread it would be November of 2007. Does anyone know if its true? And can anyone in the states get their hands on them? I won't be selfish I promise. All I want is a denaro and handbag haha! Just don't know whic handbag!
  2. Goodness. If they re-released Forest, I'd go all kinds of crazy..
  3. then maybe we can afford it instead of paying outrageous eBay prices for them >_<?
  4. Wait, so they're only (re)releasing it in Hawaii??
  5. from what the SA's said they are going to re-release foresta just in hawaii.
  6. That's kinda not fair. How on earth am I supposed to get it in Cali without paying evilbay prices?!
  7. Well, you actually should look on the bright side because we have to pay jacked up prices all the time just because it's Hawaii. You won't get it for your retail anyway you get will be like $30 over mainland retail plus shipping. So yeahh...
  8. I'd rather pay reasonably jacked up prices than pay overly jacked up prices or not have the option of buying it at all.
  9. there are rumors but I haven't actually read anything confirmed. There are rumors that it will be the first re-release and that it'll come out with the vacanze :shrugs: but those are rumors... personally even if it was scheduled I wouldn't take lesportsac's word since they go against what they say all the time
  10. Eh, I'm not holding my breath either. Whatever happens is OK with me...but it just sucks if everyone is going to get their hopes up and nothing happens. But yeah...I don't think it's been totally confirmed. I mean SA's can say stuff...but who knows for sure...
  11. hawaii is forced to pay the jacked up prices because they don't want us to get it for cheaper at all. hence why the lesportsac website doesn't even ship to hawaii.. :/ personally i think it's about time we get some perks. xD
  12. I am w/ GoGo Apple. I would rather pay a little bit more than try on eBay and pay an outrageous amount.
  13. Well, the Hawaii LeSportsac stores aren't a part of the mainland LeSportsac stores. It's a franchise here while it's part of the corporation there... So maybe that's why it's being rereleased here and not there. They know how immensely popular it is in Hawaii and with Japanese tourists.
  14. Oh, goodness. I didn't know that it wasn't apart of mainland LSs stores - but I had always wondered why Hawaii didn't get nifty shipping and stuff.

    If it's true that only Hawaii gets the re-releases, I'll still be pretty bummed. Happy for all the cool people that get awesome toki gear, but still pretty bummed.
  15. i think you guys can order on the weekends? :O