Foresta prices

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  1. What kind of prices should people expect to be reasonable for foresta print bags?

    All the ones I have seen on eBay are $200 and over, is this the going rate?
  2. for me it depends on the placement, but some people don't mind paying $250 for a bag that retails 160.
  3. yeah, even the broken ones and used ones were going for like $200 or something like that :nuts:
  4. I am really unsure now. It has good placement but if they re-release foresta then it may be cheaper. though they may all be sold or not have good placements due to me only being able to buy on eBay.... argh I dont like not knowing what is going to happen!

    I may just buy it rather then kicking myself. the re-print (if it happens) isnt due till spring 2008 anyway.

    Thanks for your comment, im glad other people are alright to pay around $250
  5. really? wow now I think I should buy it incase it gets snapped up :s
  6. i don't know.. for the ones that are going way above 200, i don't mind waiting another year :smile: i did submit an offer today for a foresta that was pretty well below their BIN price but still reasonable (imo).

    lol now with the inflated prices, retail seems more reasonable.
  7. yeah, i guess it is less then a year anyway. I am just scared they wont re-release it so it will be impossible to get or if they do all the crap positioning will be on eBay if any go on ebay at all. sometimes it sucks being in the UK.
  8. aww.. can't make a lil vacation or something to italy? ;) i think the only reason i would ever want to travel anywhere is shopping or visiting family.

    hmm, well as few and far between the good listings have been on eBay, i'd take my chances with next year. :p
  9. haha I wish I could just whizz off to italy for a shopping trip, but it would probably be cheaper to just buy off ebay. and thats saying something :p

    I think it is a bit too much to pay if it is coming out again anyway. I just wish it was sooner :crybaby:
  10. yea the eBay seller countered with a price that was about sixty bucks more than i offered.. it's not even a brand new bag :s guess i'll wait til the re-release. once it's official i'm definitely preordering.
  11. definitely preorder! do you think lesportsac will offer print placement requests?

    I am really fussy when it comes to the positioning, the little yetis and all the monkeys (especially the white one and girl monkey) have to be on it, I am not so keen on the koi carps and the boy in the cloud with a football X[
  12. That'd be nice if we could pre-order, as long as they're going to re-release it on-line or other retailers. If it's only going to be re-released in Hawaii, they don't even do holds for the first few days a print comes out. :tdown:
  13. yeah definitly, over the internet would be the best option for most, as a lot of people there arent any lesportsac sellers anywhere near them, that includes me!

    Not doing holds for days?! that is really off. I wonder why they do that :confused1:
  14. i doubt that lesportsac will be all that helpful with placement. i was hoping for pulse, because then i don't have to pay shipping & casey can help me :biggrin:
  15. ah i didnt realise pulse did placement. I have emailed before but all the good stuff I wanted had sold out :crybaby: her shipping rates to the UK are better then the sellers on ebay! :tup: