Foresta or Vacanze?

  1. Which one would you choose?
  2. If I had to choose it would be Foresta. Live in Texas and we don't have a winter really so I would get more use out of Foresta than Vacanze.
  3. vacanze :biggrin: while foresta is cute i think it would clash too much with my cloths...
  4. FORESTA! but i think I would need to see Vacanze in real life before I make a definite decision!
  5. I'd choose Vacanze...but probably because I already have a Foresta...
  6. That's a tough one. Both ones are majorly cute and have soooo much to look at! I like super colorful, very busy prints - so obviously I love both Foresta and Vacanze.

    Forest has stronger colors, I think, with the greens and yellows and reds - and of course it has apples ALL over it, which I LOVE.

    Vacanze is a super-spirited holiday print, but I can't see wearing it past February or March. I live in So. Cali, and we don't even see snow..

    But, yeah. I'd STILL get both prints in EVERYTHING.
  7. I choose vacanze because I have a foresta :lol: but if it were between both iono :shrugs:
  8. that will be a toughie since i'm totally obsessed with foresta lol...i would say get 1 piece of each print ;)
  9. I can't really make this decision until I see the print- I'm the kind of person who wouldn't mind carrying around a holiday print if I love the bag so much even if people think I am crazy!
  10. I'd probably wait to get Vacanze from eBay so that the print placement is good. I'd be willing to pay extra (since I can't call any of the stores and ask a SA to find one for me) to make sure none of the winter trees were on my bag.
  11. foresta for me!
  12. i agree with birki,'ll probably getting both anyway if your anything like us in here
  13. both

    i'll use this winter bag anytime it's effing CUTE!
  14. FORESTA FTW :tup: I have it in the denaro and ciao. You can wear it all year long, and the color scheme is gorgeous.
  15. Vacanze