Foresta or Citta/Citta Rosa first?

  1. I was wondering..which one of the print came out first- between Foresta & Citta/Citta Rosa? I know they are from the Fall Collections.
  2. I think it was Citta, Citta Rosa, then Foresta eh?
  3. Citta rosa, Citta, then Foresta ....
  4. Citta Rosa was out first and I think Citta and Foresta came out together.
  5. Didn't they come out about the same time? I wasn't into tokidoki bags(didn't know of them) then yet. But if they didn't, jessaka's order makes the most sense. guys just corrected
  6. im pretty sure the pink ones came out first, then citta and foresta at the same time.
  7. Ok..thank you guys..
    Was just wondering because nordie has their citta & citta rosa on sale but the foresta seems to be still selling at their retail price.
  8. Aw, I never find anything in Nordies or then I don't go there that often..
  9. I've been hoping to buy a citta rosa bag below retail....can you tell me what Nordies you saw them at? I'd appreciate it!
  10. I don't think when it came out makes a difference. I think they roll the dice when they decide what to put on sale. My local Macy's had Citta Rosa and Foresta on sale at 50% off but Citta and Arancia were only at 25% off.
  11. There was only one citta rosa bag and I already bought it..
  12. did you get a good deal? and do you think you still want a corriere in citta/citta rosa now that you have that?
  13. Dreams.. do you still see Foresta prints there? You totally hooked me up when you told me you saw the Foresta Luna at your Macy's for half off. I'm still looking for anything Foresta, but trying to keep away from eBay!
  14. I haven't been there in over 3 weeks. The ONLY Forestas I ever saw were one Ciao Ciao (and I bought that) and the Lunas. SInce you already have the Luna I'm guessing you were looking for something else :smile:
  15. Yeah...I would like a citta rosa in other bag style...