Foresta opinion

  1. Since we all have our favorites, what is your preference for the Foresta, style wise?
    I really want to find one eventually, but I am having a hard time finding one placement wise I really like. I thought of the zucca but it seems impossible to find.
    I figured by asking what people have in the print or liked in it, I could focus on searching for those.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have it in the BV. I love the bag. I just wished I could use it more often. I've only used it once.
  3. I think there's a lot of us who have the ciao ciao. I like it a lot! I've gotten tons of compliments...
  4. Ihave seen a couple REALLY nice BVs on eBay....
  5. I've been eying the BV, but I am afraid I'll get one then find a Zucca, or maybe I tell myself that to refrain from spending!

    I'll probably get a BV if nothing else, it is a style I want for sure in something.

    I considered the BV in Amore as well.
  6. I like the ciao ciao in foresta b/c you seem to get the entire print on there :graucho:
  7. I ended up with excellent print placement on my MM so I guess I'm pretty biased about it. But without fail, every time I take that purse out in public somebody compliments me on it.
  8. I love my ciao ciao in it best! I also have a mamma mia, stellina, luna and caramella in Foresta. Its a great print!
  9. i think I'm going to try for either a MM or Zucca and I also want a carmella if I can find it!

    I just got a BV in pirata and although I love large bags, I'm afraid that having too many large bags will be overload..although the MM and Zucca aren't small.
  10. All 3 of the bags that you listed are super hard to find. I'm sure if your patient you'll find one.
  11. I know..and this will also help my bank account, hehe.

  12. I love my Foresta BV... :yes:
  13. I didn't keep mine but I did like the Bella best in this style. I felt it wasn't as "green" in color as the other bags are.
  14. I love my little bocce.
  15. i also LOVE my BV! ;]!!!! LOVE IT!