foresta mamma mia

  1. Can I see pics of foresta MMs? I'm trying to decide if I really want one.
  2. Here you go. ;)... I am pretty sure you will want one once you see Foresta MMs! :graucho:
    Foresta Mamma Mia front.jpg Foresta Mamma Mia back.jpg
  3. More pics? I wanna see some Foresta MMs too!:borg:
  4. I don't know... MM is the perfect size for me, but it doesn't seem to show a lot of print. My foresta NEEDS to have: Sandy, tiger, bird w/torpedo, monkey eating banana, dinosaur, and a whole bunch of other things. A ciao ciao would have most of the print, but it's too big.
  5. so cute! i love the sasquatch (sp) and the little crabs xD

    oh and the monkeys!
  6. You should get a gioco then... I think it shows the most print besides the ciao ciao, that or a BV.
  7. Here are pics of my Foresta MM ;3
    foresta_mm1.gif foresta_mm2.gif