Foresta mamma mia spotted on ebay

  1. p.s. got really nice print placement. i am gonna be jealous at whoever that buys this!!:p
  2. yup saw this one :biggrin: ...i agree it does have a good the back!! :lol: the front is so so..but hey its a foresta MM!! :graucho:
  3. yea, its a good placement...but its waaayyy overpriced (expensive shipping too since its from overseas) :sad:
  4. not unless there is someone here from HK to help there ??
  5. :nuts: I love that placement!

    Its pricey but when compared to HI retail (MMs are usually 158) then it doesnt seem THAT much more.

    But I still wouldnt buy it. Even if that print is so freakin' awesome :cry:
  6. [​IMG]Thats such a funny pic!!
  7. lol TokiBear

    I could be one of those girls .. in the winter I wear a hat with bear ears on it ... :biggrin: I could totally fit in
  8. Man, I told myself if it was still there this morning, I was going to buy it! But then I looked and someone lucky snapped it up. I guess it was a sign that I need to stop buying Tokidoki!
  9. Oh dear! Someone lucky got that MM already?! I saw it and believe me....I was just a click away from paying for it but somehow, I just didn't. Told myself if it's still there today, I would get it. Well...helped me to save some money. I am on my foresta MM/BV/ zucca hunt again. :search:
  10. so cute!!
  11. ahh..someone bought it. lol

    i just spotted gioco foresta for 210. tempted!!
  12. i saw it too and almost cried. i need to sell one of my kidneys on eBay ASAP! :crybaby:
  13. LOL!! someone bought the gioco too!! for!! lucky her!!!