Foresta Mamma Mia sighting!!

  1. Finally there's one!

    Tokidoki Mamma Mia Foresta

    But pretty boring print placement to me...
    Not enough monkeys, no koi fishies, no shark doggy, no yawning tiger cub...
    :sad: *sigh* I may just have to settle for a BV soon
    What do you guys think?
  2. I saw it too, it's too much green and not enough characters.
    Maybe ask to see the back? maybe it's better?

    You do have the bird and the banana eating monkey, if it's either no mamma mia or this one- I'd take this, I was thinking about getting it myself, but I need an amore first. :sneaky:
  3. :rolleyes:

    That bag I tried to buy two months ago... and that's the story I wrote in this forum... I was outbid with a very, very high price ( 200)... one day after... the strange second offer... I don't know, it's still strange for me.
  4. I saw it last night... I just don't like the placement :crybaby:

    The back and front are actually shown, but they pretty much look similar (one side slightly higher/lower than the other).
  5. this SAME bag?
  6. yes, same seller, same pics, same bag :shrugs:
  7. Does anyone in this forum have a foresta mamma mia? I don't remember hearing of it much....
  8. dude...this is the same bag the seller tried to sell a few months ago...i remember because of her description of "lucky' characters or dumb -___-
  9. SempreII: I do! :biggrin:
  10. so this bag may be sold by a fishy seller, then..... that's not cool. i also want a foresta mamma mia, but not for $200 of course, esp w/this kinda placement....
  11. What is fishy about re-listing a bag that didn't sell?

    As I understand it the winning bidder backed out, the seller offered a second chance offer to momo.chan who didn't take it, and now it's relisted...

  12. cof cof, he offered me a second chance too


    I was in the second place... the winner was very strange... 200!!
  13. :rolleyes: I want something in foresta... maybe a backpack.
  14. maybe they had that person (who is probably the seller:confused1: or a shill bidder) jack it up high so they can offer it to the second buyer :p
  15. I knew if anyone had one it would probably be you vmasterz!!! There's not a lot of mention of it on this forum though... maybe it's because most people are over their foresta foraging stage. :lol:

    $200 for that foresta MM-:hrmm: :weird: