Foresta Gioco BIN!!!

  1. I can message them to see if they can post more...
  2. Foresta Giocos are sooo cute. Is saw a girl carrying one the other day and I got really excited. I wish I could have one in a BV but I can't spend that much money.
  3. That is really cute!! And a great price, but it would be better if there were more pictures!
  4. It's already purchased! That took no time at all!
  5. I couldn't resist...I'll post pictures when I get it! I swear this obsession is going to kill me! I've been desperate to find a great foresta for awhile now so I couldn't help mouse just went right to the buy it now! :yahoo:
  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank YOU for posting this! I wasn't checking eBay for awhile since I just got the last Spiaggia Ciao Ciao yesterday from Pulse AND this past weekend I won a OP bella off Ebay so I was telling myself "No more bags until Tutti!" But I really couldn't pass that BIN up! So thank you so much for bringing it to our attention and MY attention!
  8. congrats!! I can't wait to see your pictures of it! :tup:
  9. lol i would have grabbed it if it had more monkeys in front hehe but nevertheless foresta giocos r really pretty!

  10. As soon as I get that and the ciao ciao, I want to take pics of my collection and I'll definitely post them. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm moving to Florida in 2 weeks and I'm not supposed to be spending any money! *smacks my own hand* Bad Wendy! Thanks everyone..this forum is awesome and everyone is so sweet!
  11. You're welcome! I knew it was more of a rare find, and I just spent my money on a Spiaggia Gioco, so I just couldn't do it! :smile:
  12. Congratulations, and I'm so jealous! I went to look, and you'd beat me to it. Good job!
  13. I hear you, but I had always told myself if I found a good price for a foresta, I'd have to get it no matter what. I'm a little weird with my collection of Tokidoki bags. What I'm trying to do is get one bag from each season in a different style for each one. I don't want to repeat styles or prints. I have an Arancia bella from Ebay that I got for a good price of about 70 bucks, but I was still looking for a Foresta so you can actually SEE the print. But now I am officially done until Tutti. I preordered through Pulse a Tutti Zucca, a Transporto Gioco (now I'll have 2 Giocos with this Foresta purchase, but it's worth it I think), and a Vacenze Ciao.