Foresta Dilemma

  1. I need help making a decision. I was late to the Toki addiction, so I missed Foresta in the department stores. I did manage to score a Trenino and a Porta at Filene's a couple of months ago, however. I also bought a Trenino Inferno. I don't need two Treninos! I love Foresta, but I think it's just too much brightness on such a large bag, so I've decided to keep the Inferno.

    Here's my dilemma. I want to give up the Trenino and replace it with a BV. What do you think the best way is to do that? Should I offer a straight up trade on LJ? Or should I sell it on evilBay and use the proceeds to buy the BV? Would a straight up trade be an even one? The Trenino retails for more, but the BV is in higher demand (I think).
  2. i think a trade would make sense.. imo the trenino is not that easy to sell because not everyone needs one. however, wouldn't it be more expensive to ship the trenino than a bv? maybe ask for a trade + cash?
  3. I like that idea too trade + cash! :yes:
  4. There were some foresta treninos that sold for $300 on eBay. You could always sell your bag first, and then buy the bv - and some of those have BINs of about $250
  5. Trade it on LJ. Someone will be thrilled! What is it with Filene's and Treninos?
  6. true, but then she'd have to go to the trouble of listing it and paying the listing & final value fees..
  7. Hmmm, I guess it depends on what she wants to do. If she can get close to $300 for the trenino, she should probably sell it and then purchase the BV outright. That would make more sense but if she doesn't feel like going through the hassle of selling it, then a trade + cash would work too. :confused1:
  8. Oy! You see why it is such a dilemma? I'm going to sleep on it for a day or two.
  9. i would try LJ, it's free and if it doesn't sell or you don't trade with someone, always have eBay as a last resort.
  10. I would sell it on ebay...i've had good experiences selling my tokidoki overstocks (lol) on ebay
  11. Yup, I see!! I like djr's idea. Try LJ it's always worth a shot and if it doesn't sell there then think about other options! :yes: