foresta denaro

  1. those are sooo cute, I wouldn't mind getting them if they weren't so much $$$..........
  2. someone bought the wallet already...i hope its the person that was looking for it...:biggrin:
  3. ah I saw the perfect citta rosa wallet for me but I think it's waaaay too much. I'm going to just wait for another print or try to find it cheaper :sad:
  4. tehlilone, did you like the Playground print or the Cammo print? I think some people here got the wallets for a pretty good price. If not, perhaps the outlets have the fumo, inferno, or paradiso at 25% off.
  5. vmasterz - this is the perfect Foresta print dolce! Unfortunately, I don't really :heart: the dolce style, it's just too small for me... have you found your Foresta dolce yet?
  6. Aw I guess I'm too late. It was me who was looking for it. Oh well $110 for a wallet plus shipping is too steep for me anyway. :p
  7. yes its perfect but not the price!! :nuts: im getting a dolce with Laria's help, just waiting on it :biggrin:

    sandy b: sorry about the wallet...maybe there will be a cheaper one later..:biggrin:
  8. Yeah, it was crazy expensive... I'll continue to keep my eye out since I'm on e-bay all night long. *lol*
  9. Thanks. :smile::heart:
  10. and there goes the perfect dolce..somone snatched it too.. :biggrin: