Foresta Denaro

  1. I have been looking for a Foresta denaro for the longest time! The tricky thing is, I really only want it if it has sasquatches on it. I love the foresta print, but can't justify buying a bag since I already have a cammo olive bella bella. I really don't need 2 green bags.
    I saw a denaro on eBay recently and was going to BIN, but I knew the seller was notorious for using stock photos so I didn't want to bid unless I knew for sure that it had it on there. The seller emailed me back saying that it was the actual denaro and someone already bought it! :cursing:
    If you happen to find a Foresta denaro with sasquatches on it, please let me know. I'll love you forever! :heart:
  2. I'll look for one for you and if you see a foresta caramella anywhere please let me know.
  3. Deal! ;)
  4. Is Sasquatches the brown cactus kid?
  5. They don't have a real name I don't think (I just call them that cuz that's what they look like to me). hah They're those weird brown things that look sad hiding behind the trees.
  6. Did you mean the brown "creatures" that hide behing the tree? There are two of them rite? A girl with a pink ribbon & another is a boy. Which one do you want or it doesn't matter?
    Will keep an eye for you!
  7. Yeah! Those brown creatures! I think they're so cute. I'd rather have the girl, but I will settle for the boy. Thanks for keeping a look out! I check eBay all the time. :p
  8. they are my fav cuteee:heart:
  9. haha i still wonder what are they really? lol oh well they are cute anywho...i did see a denaro but its not what you wanted it had a crab with skull...
  10. I saw a Denaro wallet at another Nordstroms. I didn't get a good look at it because for some reason this particular one kept all the walets in a glass case so I couldn't see the wallet very well. Next time I go there I'll have them take it out.