foresta ciao ciao questions...

  1. GAAAAAAAAH, it's super duper cute!! :love::love::love: I personally think the ciao ciao is the best bag style for the foresta print!!

    What print were you planning on getting a zucca in ?:confused1:
  2. I personally wouldn't buy a Foresta Ciao Ciao for over $200. That's just me though. I would say Zucca, thought I don't have one. I would loooooove one! More convenient than Ciao Ciao!!
  3. i know it's ADORABLE, and the ciao ciao really shows off the whole print. But 250 seems kind of excessive. I'm thinking of getting a paradiso zucca.
  4. I wanted a Foresta Ciao Ciao too but not that crazy to pay so much for it. I think the price is too much, but as everyone else has been saying, if you absolutely must have it, you just go and get it. :smile:
  5. just make sure u like messenger style bags :smile:
  6. I have this exact same bag and love it :tup: I think it's definitely worth the money :okay:
  7. It's definitely a beautiful bag ... but is it worth $250 is totally up to you. For me if it was an Inferno Zucca, I wouldn't blink twice if the price was $250. But that's just me because I am crazy insane for one right now. If you're willing to wait for a lower price one with maybe not the exact placment you want, I'd wait.
  8. heehee.. I paid over $250 for my inferno zucca!! :biggrin: I know what you mean!! Hope you find your dream one! psst..i know there is one on eBay right now??:graucho:

    betterstopnow: well if you truly want it then sure $250 is nothing, but i think you have your heart set at a zucca...which I too would over pay!!
  9. I saw that one on ebay and there's still 3 days left! So much time left for that price to skyrocket.

    Congrats on getting an inferno zucca ... I am so jealous. :smile:
  10. betterstopnow: so did you buy it ??? :graucho: congrats if that was you!!

    Mama22Boys: the one on ebay has a great placement imo! but i :love: mine :biggrin: it has the watermelon guy w/blue devil pink ipod girl on front :smile: Goodluck on that auction!! :graucho:
  11. I just bought a Foresta Ciao Ciao on ebay. Yea! I can't wait till it gets here. This is my first of this style. One question for seasoned Ciao Ciao users, do you put the stuff you need to access a lot (wallet, phone, sunglasses...) in the big outside pocket and other stuff inside, or do you unfold the whole thing each time you need something??? Also, can it fold either way? THX!!!!

    btw...If you have any photos of a "full" one, i'd love to see it!
  12. I just bought a Foresta Ciao Ciao through the livejournal community shop_tokidoki, I paid $200 for it shipped, if that helps :-/
  13. I bought a used Foresta Ciao Ciao through the livejournal community shop_tokidoki too. I paid $185 for it shipped and I think it was too much. But I really like the style.