foresta caramella on ebay!

  1. for Buy it now!! good price! no picture of the actual bag anyone gonna buy it?!
  2. ooo I want to but I know there were a ton of ladies that were looking for it :smile: I hope one of them gets it
  3. I dont see it! Someone must have bought it.
  4. Okay, I'm crazy and I bought it even though I have no idea what it looks like. I hope its cute!!!!
  5. It could be anything! I have a foresta ciao ciao and thought I had the whole scene. Boy was I wrong!

    I never realized until today how HUGE the Foresta print is. I was looking at a Luna ($97) at a Macy's near me and realized there are THREE big trees in the scene. They don't fit across even on a Luna. And then there is the whole water scene. And the little tiger, no one ever talks about the tiger. I want a Foresta Denaro with the tiger on it!!!
  6. wow it's that huge :wtf: I didn't know that... I want to see all that I don't have...
  7. I know, I'm :nuts: , right??? The only thing I dont like on Foresta is all of the bad apples so as long as I have one of the following: a money, a sasquatch, koi's, frog, dino or baby chick then I'll be happy. I'll post pics when I get it and you guys can tell me how cute or how bad of print placement I got :shrugs:
  8. where'd u see a foresta luna?! i always get super paranoid when i hear someone talking about one..especially cuz everytime i get on the phone with an SA about one, its ALWAYS $157..never for $97 and i'm just bitter

    Lattegr: least u didnt overpay for it!
  9. I know, thank goodness I got it for a decent price. Do you not like the luna you got from me????
  10. OMG the tiger is my FAVORITE part of that print! I bought my BV just for him haha
  11. my foresta gioco is mostly the water scene with the koi, but i just looked in the outside pocket for like, the first time ever today cuz i NEVER use it, and there's a tiger in there!!! and the top part of the lil aviator guy & the dino... then i looked on the bottom of the bag & theres two tiger heads. the tiger is so cute i wish there were more on the bag :sad: at least i got a complete tiger, even tho its in a place i never see it.

    *sigh* why couldnt they have foresta & citta in the outlets too?? (or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter & on sale!) im dying to find a foresta denaro with koi the crab or the tiger, and a citta rosa ciao ciao.
  12. are you on LJ? Just curious... someone on there really wanted a citta rosa ciao ciao also... I'm thinking about selling mine because of it... I like my dolce more anyways and I'd rather have a ciao :nuts:
  13. late! its already gone :crybaby:
  14. oh no i'm in love with it! lolz i'm just bitter from a past attempt of getting that bag..where it was on sale one day..then next day it wasn't..n i lost it all due to no one picking up the phones lolz