Foresta Campeggio

  1. So.. I decided that I must have a foresta campeggio or a zucca (which I know is impossible to find)..

    does anyone know where I can get one?? Are there still any available in stores? Theres none on eBay :sad:

    Much help needed!

  2. oh.... you JUST missed (by minutes!) a nice one on eBay!!! (That doesn't help at all does it?)

    You just need to keep an eye out, they pop up occasionally
  3. I saw that auction too. Someone named Sparkle won it! pooo..
  4. i saw that one on eBay but the seller didn't ship to canada :sad:
  5. Sparkle won it!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: ANNIE BBBBB!! Where are you?? Sparkle won the auction!!! :lol:
  6. Why who is she? I saw all her items she bid and won on ebay! Does she have a store or something? =)
  7. she doesnt sell them on ebay thats for sure..maybe she has a store in her town or something?? :shrugs:
  8. Or she could be superbly obsessive about Tokidoki. More so than us.
  9. yeah...I saw that! Wow! She's one rich or OCD chick!
  10. I agree. I wonder if she's a lurker here. Some people decide to post for the first time and already have like 20 bags! lol- but in her case it must be 50+
  11. i guess that means no one has seen available foresta campeggios? :sad:

    please help me keep on the lookout for one! :cry:
  12. yeah, that one on ebay was the first I think I've noticed in the past month.
  13. aww I'll keep a lookout for you :smile:
  14. thanks guys!

    so i was googling and i find TONS of foresta and old prints on this japanese site.. i don't think they ship internationally though :sad:

    anyone from japan or know anyone in japan? :nuts:
  15. another note i found this listing too:

    can anyone from that area of Hawaii help me contact them and see if they still have it for sale?
    (unless someone else beats me to it and steals it for themselves! LOL)

    i know.. i'm just a TAD desperate :p