Foresta Bocce at Ross in Glendale, CA

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  1. oh my goshhhhh i need to go to all my local ross's and TJMaxxes!!! i cant belive they'd put tokidoki in those stores tho...kinda weird...but whatever!
  2. Why is it weird? They have Coach, Dooney, etc, why not toki?
  3. i guess its cuz i havnt been to a ross/tjmaxx in a LONG time...its not really the place i'd expect to find name brand bags :P but you're right, when i went i saw a coach bag and some dooneys
  4. oh they better send some tokis to stockton ross!..that'll be my dream come true...easy access to toki!
  5. Is Ross a west coast thing? I've never heard of it ..
  6. Thanks DreamsOfToki!

    lol ok just checked ... they have 2 locations in NJ. dagnabit ... why not NY ..
  7. I'm going either tomorrow or saturday to several tj maxx and ross locations! :yahoo: dragging my bf around orange county

    if anyone wants me to find something or let them know if I found something pm me w/ ur number and I can text pics and location info!
  8. OMG...i have work until 7p today...hopefully i can check all the ones in my area (San Jose). i'll be sure to update when i get back.
  9. Tehlilone, I went to two TJ Maxxes, Oceanside and Escondido, no toki. No Toki at Carmel Mountain Ranch Ross store either. So sad. This forum has got me running around all over San Diego, to Loehmann's, Ross and TJ Maxxes. I need to stop reading about these deals because they're bringing out the worst in my compulsive shopping behavior!
  10. lol yeah the moment someone posts a sighting I go running to all possible stores :lol:

    but ... i'm gonna be good now .. no more bags for a while (just got 2 off eBay so i gotta stop)
  11. toadflower: lol I know what you mean! If I had a car I'd be all over the OC and SD and maybe even LA :lol: my poor bf's car I keep using his gas :P
  12. I am such a sucker for a good deal. I have a bunch of new bags with tags on them, that I haven't even used yet. I think perhaps I should focus on the bags I already own. I think we are all searching for the ultimate find. This addiction is ridiculous and fun at the same time! I do appreciate everyone's posts on their discoveries! I did find a Harajuku Lovers bag for my Mom at Ross yesterday.
  13. Yeah, I been driving around here too, to local TJ Maxx's and Ross --nothing! Saw a cute HL wallet, but no HL bags. Ah well, the hunt is fun!
  14. there are SOOO many harajuku lovers bags here..and tons of lesportsac no tokidoki!!!! :sad:

    well today actually for the first time

    i did see a original print canguro in a far away tjmaxx but it was 60 and the green bled all in to the pocket so i left it