Foresta Bocce at Ross in Glendale, CA

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  1. just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that there were 2 foresta bocces at the ross in glendale, ca yesterday. it's the ross near nordstrom rack. they have them set aside in the free standing watch case. they're at the very bottom shelf. i guess they're in there to prevent stealing. i think they were going for $43.99. i love love foresta but couldn't justify buying it in a style that i would never use. if only they had had it in another bag. oh well. but if you like the bocce, head over to ross and get one cheap!
  2. wow i need to go to my ross soon!
  3. oh snap now its at ross! WHOOHOO!
  4. crap... more stores I need to check out. I swear there's not enough time in a day :lol: I'm going to send my bf out scouting since he's faster when looking around a store... I get distracted :sweatdrop:
  5. i want...bocces are pretty. ignore my toki ban, i need to comfort on bags. :crybaby:
  6. OH MY GOSH! You are kidding me?? TOkis at ross now? I am so stoked!!!

    Your right fish- I wouldnt spend the 40 on some bag I know i would never use!! Did they have good placement at least?
  7. I bet we'll never get tokidoki at OUR Ross!!! :cursing:
  8. Yeah, I don't think so either Maya..
  9. the placement was ok on the bocce i think. not really fantastic but i think it's really hard because it's so small to get a good print unless you have a lot to choose from. i keep hoping that a foresta zucca will somehow magically make its way to my ross one day. :smile:
  10. I am so going to my Ross. I've been lucky before, finding harajuku lovers and doc martens. ACK! I could call. But the people there wouldn't know Toki if it jumped up and bit them. Can't go on lunch. Not enough time. Is it wrong to play sick just to go shopping for Toki?
  11. wow.. now ross? :huh: what's next? marshall's? LOL.
  12. I have seen a lot of Harajuku Lovers bags at TJ Maxx around here!
  13. yeah.. I have seen a lot of HArajuku Lovers bags in Tjmaxx too. I hope our TjMaxx will caryy toki soon too and Ross..OMG..need to go check it out.
  14. I've never been to Ross even though they're everywhere out here...maybe it's time for me to set foot inside Ross :sweatdrop:
  15. TokilisioucJeny, Yes..and report back to us as to what you see.