Foresta Bellas: Should I Keep One? -- Pics

  1. I think I am starting a little addiction....I just got my first Tokidoki - an Inferno Zucca. I thought this would be my only Tokidoki (I'm usually more of an LV and Gucci girl) .... but I came across two Foresta Bellas at lunch today.

    Knowing this is an older print, I snatched both up, and now I'm sitting here staring at them wondering if I should keep one, or return both.

    Please help me decide! :confused1:

    1) Should I keep one of these bellas? And if yes, which one should I keep? Which one has a better print placement? (I'll post pics of both)

    2) Should I get a bella in another print instead? I saw a Pirata Bella, an Inferno Bella, and an Amore Bella too. Should I get one of these instead?

    Thanks in advance for all your comments.
  2. I say keep one foresta and buy one in another print. But...hmm I would like to see pics lol.
  3. This is the first Foresta Bella. Thoughts? :tup:? :tdown:?
    Foresta Bella a1.JPG Foresta Bella a2.JPG Foresta Bella a3.JPG
  4. inSTEAD? No... get another in ADDITION!

    Seriously, pick the better bella and then get another bella in another print!
  5. awww! you got 2!!! I've been looking for those! O:huh::huh: the first one is really nice!!!
  6. Cute monkey centered right on the back!!!

    It's a keeper.. unless the other one happens to have the tiger on it????
  7. This is the second bella. :tup:? :tdown:?
    Foresta Bella b1.JPG Foresta Bella b2.JPG Foresta Bella b3.JPG
  8. I like the back of the second Foresta bella better... The white monkey, dinosaur, koi...
  9. i like the first one:heart:
  10. I like the first one better...but the second one has the dinosaur & the shark! whoooooooo. idk lol.
  11. I like the first one better of the two!
  12. i say keep the one you like best& you could either eBay or return the other. :shrugs:
    i like the first better too. seems more colorful.
  13. i agree with everyone.. you should keep one! :] as for which one to keep.. i have no idea.. they both have something good! ;p
  14. I love the first one . It is very colorful
  15. Definitely keep one. I like the first one better overall, but I like the white monkey on the second one. =)