Foresta Bella anywhere?

  1. I have looked on eBay and LJ with no luck? Anyone know where I could get one? Thanks!
  2. i saw 2 on eBay ..but placements r not too fantastic tho'
  3. Thanks..just looked at those but not crazy about the print placement. What does the bella retail for?
  4. it retails for $130 :smile:
  5. I saw one on eBay yesterday ebay shop cozy-little-store. They seem pretty nice and helpfull. I got a lesportsac fafi bag from them i dont think they are too expensive either. They had a foresta stellina too.
  6. i had one, but it's gone now! i also did see that one post on LJ back on 5/31/07.. it had Sandy in the front! u may want to double check with her if it's sold already.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help!:smile:
  8. Continue to keep an eye out on eBay and LJ. The Foresta bella is actually one Foresta item that is generally easy to find and not totally overpriced. And you can be picky about placement because it pops up so often.
  9. you sold yours already?? haha i sold mine too!

    heres one...leen619 this totally looks like yours!!!