foresta bags

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  1. anyone know of any foresta bags on sale??? im dying to get one and i cant find any sellers anywhere minus ebay, and im not liking the selection! any help??
  2. I think at this point the only place to find foresta is on eBay?

    Also I think that sometimes you can get lucky and they may have some magically appear at like Macy's, Filene's, Loehmann's, or Century 21.

    Other people have posted finding foresta in like Malaysia or Japan or something .. sorry!
  3. They've been poppin up every now and then on LJ too...
  4. My foresta ciao ciao (my first toki ever!!) magically appeared at Macy's just a month ago. It was just sitting there sitting in the middle of all the pirata prints. This was me when I found it: :yahoo: It was obviously a return. The toki gods were smiling on me that day. TokidokiAngel is just never know.
  5. OOh i would love a foresta print but i am also put off by ebay and all the dodgy sellers.
    Hope you find one.
  6. jcl that's so cool! definately a return and it was meant for you to buy it! WOOHOO!!!! :P
  7. Foresta is hard to find in the stores. Occasionally you might get lucky. I was in Boston over Memorial Day weekend and stopped at a Lord & Taylor's that had a Foresta Porta and a Canguro, but that was it. :shrugs:
  8. i went to my local filenes today and they didnt have any tokidoki :sad: they had some cute lesportsac bags, but no toki :sad: i want a foresta so badly...
  9. this seller has a couple foresta bags up & someone on here said they're a very good seller, if you change your mind about eBay..?
  10. I bought from her!! she's REALLLLY nice!!! I'd totally buy from her again... :smile:

    note: I bought a Foresta Trenino from her..
  11. jcl - oh my gosh ... luckyyy!!! congrats!! Yeah I would have totally been like :nuts: and grabbed it up quick. Then all the people around would look at me like I was nuts ... but I would have been totally :yahoo:
  12. I HIGHLY recommend this seller. I purchased a Foresta Corriere that I had been eyeing for days on there, and I asked this seller all the questions I could think of. They always replied very promptly, the shipping was super fast - I did a BIN Tuesday and received it Thursday! It was EXACTLY the bag in the photos in the auction, and I LOVE IT!!!!! I may only purchase my Foresta from them from now on!

    Here is the bag that I purchased: (I hope this link works!)
  13. 73papasmurfs is a great seller!

    I just got my inferno braccialetto from her and I love it! You're right, she was super quick to ship it and it was just as described in the auction.

    Someone should make a sticky thread for good ebay sellers (and ones to stay away from to), unless the threads already exist and I just have not read them yet =)
  14. there was some drama from something similar discussing some sellers so i don't think it would happen..which sucks cuz i'd like to know who to stay away from!
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