Foresta bag...?

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  1. Anyone here know a place where I could get a Foresta Buon Viaggio bag...? eBay doesn't have them up often, and I've looked at a bunch of sites online...Can anyone help me...? Thanks!
  2. sometimes if you call the lesportsac website they have older prints. but its retail. Im not sure if you are trying to get a deal or not.

    good luck!! Forestas are pretty coveted bags!
  3. i just saw one up for sale on the shoptokidoki lj community.
  4. I think there are japanese websites that still have many of the older prints but they're alot more expensive then over here
  5. How do you join that, anyone? I found the password...what then?
  6. That is the cozy little shop bag that keeps tormenting me!!! :lol: Perfect sasquatch placement. ARGH!
  7. I had been watching that BV for a looooong time (she keeps relisting) because it has my exact perfect placement. But that goes to show how long it HASN'T sold and it's most likely due to the price. Who knows, eventually that bag might become SO rare that someone will actually buy it at $200.
  8. I know what you mean, Maya. I keep thinking maybe, just maybe, it'll go down. Maybe today will be the day. How the sasquatches TAUNT ME!!!
  9. haha...well ppl do buy from her despite the prices ..cuz she got great prints! :biggrin: buy buy buy:graucho:
  10. Dude, I Cozy-Little-Shop a guy?
  11. Not sure what that means? Anyway, I tried to buy one from them before, pay less than their huge markup and their reply was, "We paid more than that for the bag". I thought, well that is either sad or dumb. I believe it when an individual may have paid alot for a bag..but a business that does it to make $$ ? nah...I don't believe that answer for a minute. My offer was only about 15% below retail!
  12. There's one last Foresta BV at the store here; and they're having a sale starting tomorrow
    And with 30% off + currency exc - it's still about $156 bucks
  13. thats not a bad price considering its $160 retail...