Foresta and Inferno at Nordstroms

  1. I just went to 2 Nordstroms in Orange County CA and came home with a Foresta Braccialetto, Foresta Bocce, Foresta Portatelefono, Foresta Ciao Caio and an Inferno Campeggio. WOW I am still dazzed. My husband was with me. I do not think I would have bought as much but he was encouraging me (not that it took much encouragement). They were all about 35% off list price.

    Super Super sales associates
    They still have several Foresta (and Citti) Braccialetto ($27.90) at the Irvine Spectum Center Nordstrom (949 255-2800 ext 1250. The SA there (supersweet and helpful) was Martha.

    At the South Coast Plaza, they still had
    3 Foresta Ciao Ciao ($106.90)
    3 Inferno Campeggio ($106.90)
    1 Inferno Ciao Ciao ($106.90)
    1 Inferno BV ($106.90)
    1 Inferno Canguro ($106.90)
    The SA there was even nicer as if that was possible after Martha. Her name is Courtney (Martha gave me her name). The phone number there is 714-957-3604 ext 1258.
    Both SA did not know a lot about Tokidoki but were excited to learn about the fun characters. Martha got into helping me find lots of watermelon guys on my Inferno.

    Nordstroms do not have the Tokidoki out on the floor- you have to ask.
    They both said that Spiaggia will be in the stores before Mother’s Day YEAH.
    Our Nordstroms stay open till 8
  2. Those are great deals!!!
  3. Sorry but I made a mistake The 1 Inferno Canguro was not $106.90. I don't remember exactly the price but it was about a thrid off also.
  4. NOOOOOOO!! :crybaby:

    Why did I look at this?!?!!

    Now I WANT that Inferno BV!!

    resist, Resist, RESIST!!
  5. P.S. Was the BV nice? ;)
  6. was there any foresta campeggios???? :confused1:
    if there are would anyone be able to help me get one and i could pp you?
    i am desperate for one >_<
  7. I can not quite remember now but I know that it was my first choice for bag style but it didn't have good placements of the watermelon guy (cut off) and the mummy.
    Mu husband remember that the pizza oven wasn't good either. Call Courtney and ask.
  8. NO if therre had been I would have probably gotten it too:smile:
  9. aw lol. too bad :sad:
  10. Aww okay thanks!

    Too bad its kinda late.. they're closed :sad:
  11. good thing I don't care for the inferno or foresta prints!!
  12. but i do!! :lol: too bad I dont see a foresta/inferno stellina! Oh well its not like they chargesend to Guam anyways...I'd have to ask you to help me....

    annieb: where are you?? they got Inferno Campeggio!!
  13. Wow..wawahki.. I would love to have all things to do with Foresta print haha...too bad they only have Foresta Ciao in my Nord..anyway..congrats on the purchases.
  14. yeah but that doesnt mean you cant chargesend ?? :biggrin: buy buy buy! so did you pick up that foresta ciao by the way??? id love to see the pic of it :biggrin:
  15. I want the BV so bad! I'm having my friend merch search it first thing tomorrow!!