Forest Fruits

  1. Has anyone seen this colour yet....? It looks kinda purple on the website and as a lover of purple....:graucho: Judging by the bags in the past that have been desirable by lots of lovely ladies on here, does anyone have any purchases in mind in this colour?? (Or have any already??) :p
  2. Where are you looking DP? I can only see black forest on!
  3. Here's the range Sammi, so far only the tote as a bag in this, everything else is either clothing or accessories....
  4. Not sure it's quite that purple, I have seen it. Similarly the westie white colour on the dorset tote is actually really cream, it looks very white on the website.
  5. Went to M today and saw this, but only briefly. It looks a bit darker IRL imo, but then again that could've been the lighting? :shame: Sorry, not much help am I :nuts: Still looked lovely though!
  6. Thank you, has there ever been a colour to compare it to? Rouge Noir? Conker?

    :lol: Everybodies input looks purple but darker purple?
  7. Yup, a bit darker but still a nice purple. Imo not too close to conker. Will be stopping by M again tomorrow coz mom wants to go XD Will try and have a better look! :flowers:
  8. Thank you very much :biggrin:
  9. Thanks lovely ladies - I'd have been there for hours!

    Not sure what I think of it, I don't find it too easy to figure out the colours on Hopefully somebody will do a reveal soon :smile:

    I'm kind of hoping I don't like it - I really can't afford any more bags!
  10. Deifnitely not like conker, the black forest is almost identical to that. I might go and check it out again in Hoopers tomorrow.
  11. I saw, and considered purchasing, the forest fruits Dorset. It is like a magenta with a purple tone. I went with the black forest Dorset instead, as I am not a fan of purple, and consider the black forest more of a burgundy shade.
  12. It looks yummy!! I need to find out what else is going to be in that colour!!:graucho: