Forehead reduction surgery?

  1. I'm very interested in getting a forehead reduction surgery done and I'm just wondering if anyone has had it done before? How was the result? Where did you get it done? It will be extremely helpful if anyone can provide any sort of information. I'm a female and I do not have hair loss problems, i just find my forehead way too large for my liking. I googled the procedure and found some information but I would still like to hear it from people who had it done before. Anyone had any bad experience with the forehead reduction surgery?
  2. would this be by hair implants?
  3. It's actually a surgical method of removing a portion of the forehead skin to effectively lower the hairline.

    You can go to the link to read more about the procedure and have a look at some before and after pics.
  4. I guess that my only advice would be to choose your plastic surgeon very carefully. I've seen some good results and some horrible results (where the new hairline looks odd and uneven). When performed correctly, a forehead reduction can be quite successful.
  5. Interesting..I didn't even know they did this.
  6. me neither:weird: there seems to be a surgery for everything these days
  7. :amazed::amazed::amazed:

  8. ? :wondering:
  9. Ooo interesting, I dont like my forhead because its too big..

    I probably wouldnt get the surgery though..
  10. Looks painful and I would be so scared something would go wrong...have you done other things like tried bangs? If you decide to do this do lots of research on your doctor. Even the best have bad days.
  11. Bumping this thread because I'm slightly interested - has anyone ever done this with hair transplants/grafts? Know how much it costs and the recovery period? I PM'd cosmgirl but she hasn't responded :sad:
  12. i prefer higher foreheads to the too low ones, the latter can look a little.. neanderthal
  13. Sorry, late response, labelwhore04. I was agreeing with you :cool: